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The new generation of Flex Heaters made by Silga

The consolidated experience in the world of electronics, erised from over fifty-year history in PCBs world, combined with the new market need to find solutions to bring heat to the most varied devices, drived Silga to develop new types of heaters.
Currently Silga is able to produce several families of heaters, created through metal tracks (based on aluminum, steel, copper, costantana etc) covered with inks or plastic materials according to customer specifications.
The usable supports are several and range from polypropylene, polyester, polyimide etc.
In addition, Galvanic Technical team has developed some chemical processes, designed to preserve the good connection of some pads and avoid the typical problems of some metals.
The advantages related to these products are:

  • Wide opportunity to customize the layout and optimize geometries according to customer needs (versatility)
  • Flexibility, facilitates assembly and excellent thermal distribution (simplicity)
  • Minimum thicknesses and light materials (reduced weights)
  • Reduced costs thanks to the possibility of using less noble materials (low cost)
  • Integration with electronics mounted with heated heaters (integration)

All Silga’s production is based on materials with high quality standards and absolute reliability respecting the specific requests of customers.
Products can be used for different usages and various needs, to transfer heat to rigid support, fluid and stratchable material. Areas of applications ranging are from automotive, medical, telecommunications etc.