Silga integrates its production with a series of additional services with the aim of providing its customers a range of services and products highly qualified and suitable to meet different needs of various kinds.


Silga is able to provide a service of prototyping. The prototypes will be produced by our specially selected partners.

Our company will coordinate the technical and productivity aspects and it will perform checks on prototypes before shipping them to the customer.

Quick service

The service called “Quick service” consists in the supply of samples and small batch production of printed circuit boards produced in our factory in 5-10 days.

Silga uses a managerial system wich check in a short time the material availability and the production load, answering for samples deliveries, from 1 to 200 panels, and small batch in time, using standard production lines.

This short period, agreed with the customer, allows our company to be flexible to the needs of our customers and to have small quantities of products in a short time.

Buffer stock

Our company has been working for several years under a system of “Consignment stock” with customers that should be required. When the customer should indicate this need we are available to identify with him the most appropriate way of management.

Assembly components

Our company has selected and established a partnership with local assembly firms to assemble components on a small number of printed circuit boards produced by us.

This is to meet the needs of customers who require this type of service, increasing the range of services offered.