Tech center

All ideas must find a proper team to be developed with.

Silga, as customer oriented company, has created its own Tech Center, where all opportunities will be transformed into concrete projects.

Tech. Center is made of all principle and most specialized technical departments of the company, able to develop close to the customer, new technologies, products and ad hoc solutions, along project lifetime.

Laboratories and controls

The controls of products and processes are systematically carried out during each production step directly by the employed personnel. Moreover, we effect checks in our proper laboratories both during and at the end of production.
Our entire production is submitted at electrical test using automatic machines or when possible (mostly for sample productions or small series) by electrical test with moving probes.


We connect future with the present, through constant technology updates, aimed to understand in advance market needs.
Tech Center is the means to reach always innovative and advanced solutions, and through which is always renewing itself.

Research and development

Silga, thanks to the historical vocation and corporate policy, believes strongly in the partnership between customer and supplier. The Research & Development, the highly qualified technical structure and the professional equipments are supporting projects of every size; a company policy targeted at investments in new projects can transform them quickly in series production. All this


Silga's technical staff is composed of personnel employed in our company for many years with an inclination to work in teams. This allows us to provide a wide and detailed technical support to our customers. By providing our many years of experience we are able to help customers both in the development of its product