Flexible heaters

Lightweight, design freedom and cost reduction are the drivers of market directions. Due to that, Silga has been involved from important customers out of standard co-development projects.

One of the principle goals reached is in the field of Flexible heating systems.

Silga was able to join competences as for:

  • Flexble PCB technology
  • Chemical Etching of alternative material, a part from Copper
  • Know-how in screen printing of functional inks
  • Special Surface Finishing as from Silga’s internal developments
  • Alternative materials
  • High volumes production lines

White goods, Automotive, Power and Energy (Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, heating) sectors, are the most involved in technology replacement, from obsolet and heavy systems to this new generation of products.


  • Flexibility
  • Design freedom
  • Light weight and compact solution
  • Less post operation
  • Cost reduction
  • Function integration
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