Flex PCB Dual Access Copper

The connection with dual access copper is an innovative technique for the realization of FPC (flexible printed circuit boards) single-sided, which, however, also need connection in the other side. Thanks to the exposed double copper technique developed by Silga, it is possible to directly connect the single-sided FPC tracks.

The advantages?

Among all, the possibility of avoiding the use of nickel tabs for the connection; in fact, the dual access copper technique guarantees a direct contact and consequently a greater strength due to the fact that no additional welding is required (critical aspect of the robustness of the products, also linked to the stress generated by the dimensional variations), necessary instead for the nickel tabs. In addition, according to customer requirements in terms of materials used in busbars and the type of welding applied, Silga offers different types of coating of copper tabs, from passivation to nickel or other materials to facilitate connection and maintain excellent performances.