Why choose for Silga?

Problems solved and opportunities created

50 years of competences put Silga in pole position for reliability and know-how, allowing us to be leaders in the design and production of  single PCBs  (Printed Circuit Boards) and double side PCBs , rigid PCBs and flex PCBs, flexible heaters, gigaflex and solutions in printed electronics and IMS for the automotive, industrial, medical, lighting, EMS, white goods and power electronics sectors. Our safe and solid Made in Italy products are the perfect match between passion, team work and experience, which are at your full disposal every day, to satisfy your needs.

Each challenge becomes an opportunity, each idea a concrete project, and thanks to the big variety of processes and products, we can maufacture your ideas.

Silga’s team is daily involved in the big challenge of maximizing quality/price ratio, by using a solid and realibale partner net, chosen from the technological supplier chain.

Speediness and reliability are last but not least added values of a company that puts its customers first.

Silga is Competitiveness.
Silga is Readiness.
Silga is Realiability.

We manufacture solid and safe products by granting continuous support.

Thanks to our bases:

  • Competences
  • The biggest products range
  • Customer support and care