Capability and flexibility to manage in parallel Automotive sector and Street Lighting, white goods applications and robot controls, born from Silga’s team dynamicity.

If we can create innovation and experience we can do 360° for each sector, and once got it we can apply at every product at every sector.
SILGA is day by day able to reach the right file in the right folder to solve a specific item.

In addition to what above, SILGA SPA policy avoid to be leaded to a specific market and to its up and down variation: this confirm company solidity, with robust and reliable order portfolio.


High Technology sector defined as leader in innovation progress.
Silga spa, thank’s to its know-how and available technologies, has become the right partner for the major sector players, in the role of co-developer and technical support for new projects.
Big brands rely on Silga for strategic programs, where the most important requirements are short timeline, complexity, quality and reliability.

During the years, electronics is becaming more and more present, from lighting, where IMS technology is the key player, but also complex shapes application needs for flexible PCB’s, especially after touch screen introduction; due to that, Silga spa, by constant updates, keeps up with the time.

Another principle aspect is related to lightweight, in fact, increasing electronics inside vehicles, means weight increasing, that must be compensated. New introduction of Printed Electronics in Silga’s production panel, create an added value on this topic in terms of interfaces, heaters (Seats heating, mirrors heating …) Antennas and other applications.

Big volumes require for big production capacity and back up solutions, in order not to have production block during project lifetime: Silga Spa can guarantee that.

Last but not least, the biggest parameter to be Automotive approved, is IATF 16949 certification availabilty.
Silga Spa aligned all its standard from design to shipment phase to that.

White goods

This is the field where being “user frienldy” realiable and performing is the most important parameter, where aesthetics and funcitonality combination is the major aspect in brand choice.

White Goods Customers usually choose for Silga spa, because they look for a trustable partner, able to follow their needs, and drive them to robust and competitive products, through continuos market trend innovation.

Realiability and robustness are required, and Silga’s know how in galvanic treatments can offer a wide range of products choice, maximizing quality/price rate. Another key aspect, referring to slinding contacts, is Silga’s knowledge in PTF used instead of more expensive galvanic treatments, as hard gold, reaching comparable mechanical performances for required lifetime.

Another important requirement in this sector is the aesthetic performance of the product. In fact, to user interfaces are required more and more functions, minimizing visual impact. Printed Electronics is a key player in integration and improvement process. Many Silga’s development in PE application is leaded to white goods field.

Due to the fact our cutomer cannot have 360° experience in all technologies and solutions, Silga Spa can become the right partner, considered as elongation of their internal technical department, in terms of available knowledge and flexibility.


Ligthing sector is driven by less volumes than automotive or domestic appliances, but high technological requirements.
Products mainly used are IMS, especially after LED introduction in this sector, where PCB is required to heat dissipation through Aluminium or Copper.

Although low volumes, sector is characterized by products variability, so that production flexibility, and just in time production, are required if not available stock progam.

In both cases, Street or interior lighting, aesthetics is one of the most important parameters that drive solder-resist and surface finishing choice, together with soldering board mechanical precision, heat sink and housing case.
In case of more complex geometrical shapes, Flex PCBs are able to satisfy same needs, coupled with Aluminium inserts, and same perfomarnces of heat dissipation.

During Years of experience in this sector, Silga spa has developed other solutions, aimed to heat exchange maximization, even when geometries are more complex.
Together with print screen know how, Silga developed thermic interfaces as Silga Pad and Heat Sink Paste.


EMS (Electronic manufacturing service) includes all board assembly companies, which are using components and PCBs as raw material.
We can consider them as major PCB’s consumers.
One of the most important parameters in this sector is competitivess, together with reliability need. That’s why SILGA’s double face, with its Italian and Chines organization, create a big value for EMS.

In parallel, players of this sector are the biggest experts in electronics device, and SILGA support in co-design and co-development phase, become a real added value in competition win.

Flexibility and availability play a big role, and “consignment stock” is a real benefits to our customer, who can decide to anticipate they orders and have them ready in stock.
The other side of flexibility is related to products range. Silga is able to offer at the same time and from the same production plant. Another score for us, capable to supply a very big variety of products type.

Additionally, SILGA is an expert in assembly process, and this means its technical staff, can simplify customer lines, for example by panelization and scoring cut optimization.

Health care

This is one of the most complex market sectors, where quality requirements and precision must be at maximum level.
Product types cover a wide range, from double side up to Rigid Flex and Multi layers, moving inside a high technological level products.

Silga spa was able to be present inside because of its Tech Center and capability in customer support 360 degrees. Additionally Quick service from European production plant is so required for first project steps.

Innovation is the leading aspect, so that even in this case Printed Electronics can play a significant role. .

As for high volumes production, market is requiring a high competitiveness.

Power electronics

The most important characteristics of power electronic devices is a high copper thickness.
Silga’s production plant has a very special etching line, able to manage thicknesses from 17um up to 350 um in the same configuration, just changing gauges:
less time, less costs, high product quality.

Morover Silga’s big experience in IMS technolgy, allow to use high performance materials that guarantee best quality/price ratio.

Silga spa has a lamination press able to process high thicknesses material up to 400 um.

Another Silga added value is the capability to make 2 and 3 times solder resist layer, to guarantee right 3D insulating system.

Industrial electronic

Principale application are consumer products.
Silga spa production lines always includes standard lines for commodities production.

During company lifetime, some of those production has been moved to our Chines production because of competitiveness need.
Customer were absolutely benefited by this choice, without never losing quality guarantee from Silga standards.