Insulated metal substrates

The IMS (Insulated metal substrate) technology allows the assembly of power components directly on a printed circuit board highly conductive by a thermal point of view. The result is a compact and reliable solution that, thanks also to the lower cost compared to systems with traditional heat sinks, is finding always more applications in sectors where an effective dissipation of heat generated by electronic components is required, such as Lighting, Automotive and Power Supply.

The devices can operate at lower temperatures offering guarantee of more reliability and service life, and avoiding the assembly step of mechanical heat sinks, the assembly process is simplified and can be reduced in some cases to the only operation of SMT assembly. The availability of dielectric layers of different nature and thickness offers many design possibilities from thermal and electrical insulation point of view.

It is possible to use different materials available on the market, with both aluminium and copper support. The IMS printed circuit boards can be produced with all common mechanical operations of drilling, NC routing, scoring, punching, etc.. and are possible, in collaboration with the Customer, special dedicated solutions, including IMS double-sided with plated through holes.

Concerning the metallic materials we have these UL approvals (file UL: E57853)

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