Printed Sensors

Silga develops innovative printed sensors for the automotive sector that integrate with solutions such as Gigaflex for the accurate measurement of various parameters within the battery in e-vehicles such as:

  • Temperature: it is essential to safeguard the performance and battery life that the cells work within a certain temperature range; 
  • Pressure: this parameter is traceable to the charge-discharge cycle, during which the cells are subject to expansion. 

The standard technology used to date for battery monitoring includes a system of cables that connect the various measuring points on the cells with the central electronic system and temperature measurements are carried out by electronic components that are welded (NTCs). Thanks to the printing of sensors, considerable improvements can be achieved both in the production process, given the absence of welding and of the related risks, and for the product, making it lighter, easier to assemble and safer, as well as ensuring a more accurate and reliable measurement of parameters such as temperature and pressure.