Transparent Flexible Heaters

They are mainly used for maintaining the performance of Radar and LiDAR; their thin and flexible structure gives an optimal and uniform contact with the surface to be heated and therefore the maximum efficiency in heat transmission, guaranteeing the evaporation action of water particles and condensation or ice formations that would hinder the functionality of the systems . RADAR transparency is obtained by an appropriate design of the resistive path while, in the case of LIDAR systems, heaters that are completely transparent from an optical point of view are used. Similarly, Silga transparent flexible heaters can also be used for heating rear-view mirrors and front and rear windows. Silga’s transparent Flexible Heaters can be realized through the traditional technique of engraving metals such as copper and aluminum on a polycarbonate or polypropylene base or even other substrates, a technique that allows the creation of uniform thicknesses and maximum precision. In addition, Silga develops and manufactures Flexible Heaters in Printed Electronics, an innovative technology that allows the printing of transparent conductive pastes, silver busbars and graphite connection points, whose advantage is undoubtedly the optimization of production steps, the high performance and sustainability of the product.