Low resistance conductive paste

Experience in conductive pastes is part of Silga DNA. Since the beginning of its activities, has included in its production processes the printing of conductive and resistive screen printing pastes, thanks to the initial approach to musical instruments (remember the graphite grains that act as keys in electronic keyboards) up to the most recent contacts creepers today present in every device with a selection function (see ovens or washing machines), or on new generation creeping contacts in the lighting field, as in the application of conductive tracks that house spotlights.

In the latter context, the necessary use of conductive pastes with low contact resistance fits perfectly, of which Silga has been a pioneer since its inception on the market. This type of product, thanks to special components mixed with the paste itself, allows for excellent conductivity, while maintaining a very low contact resistance; We are talking about 1 – OHM per m2, if spread at a controlled thickness.

The guarantee and maintenance of what is written above is possible in Silga thanks to a department specifically built for the preparation of these pastes.