Discover our new brochure about Silga Connect technology’s Flexible Heaters

At the last edition of “The Battery Show”, which has taken place from 18 to 20 of June in Stuttgart, Silga Connect technology exhibited some of its latest innovations directly connected to the EV world such as Flexible Heaters.

Silga Connect technology realizes Flexible Heaters for many different applications in the automotive industry; indeed, Flexible Heaters can be applied to rear-view mirrors to avoid condensation and dry water-drops, to Radar&LiDAR systems to clear the camera view from possible ice formation and drops, to seats and other parts to create a warm environment in the automotive interior, but also to defrost and maintain a constant operative temperature for batteries, improving its performances and extending the lifetime of it.

Silga Flexible Heaters can be made by using the traditional etching technique or the innovative Printed Electronics, on several types of substrates, such as fabric, and also using PTC inks able to self regulate heat by stopping the flow of current when the set temperature is reached.

Flexible Heaters present many benefits for the enhancement of the automotive industry, ensuring constant comfort and high efficiency in all areas and Silga is at the forefront of this innovation, providing new solutions.

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