High power at high speed

Silga, in cooperation with one of its Automotive customers, developed a build-up of a PTH PCB using an IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) substrate.

The requirement was to get a power PCB with a high-speed communication within the electronic part of it. This, out of the physical volume reasons, also blocked the generation of a single sided PCB;

At the same time the necessity to dispose of the heat developed by the massive passage of current made it essential to use a substrate with high thermal conductivity.

After doing market research to identify the materials suitable for this type of production and taking advantage of the technical capabilities of our standard production systems, thanks to the know-how of our technology center we created the product “High power at high speed”.

One of the main potential challenges in this type of technology is the stage of pressing: finding the right compromise between the thickness of the material based on the void to be filled and the pressing parameters.

The main features of the material in use lie in the ceramic body part, made by glass fibers. This makes it manipulable, while its thermal conductibility is 8 times higher than the classic FR4 material!

We only concentrate on one product, high speed of communication and thermal conductibility together with the perfect electrical isolation!