A Trading product with European quality standards

Trading? Everything is under control!

Following our customer requirements, we have implemented a series of actions for which a Trading product made by Silga Connect Technology has never been so safe!

  • Asian partners with European standards
  • Risk Management
  • Monitored logistics
  • Technical support at 360°
  • Reliability in Far East
  • Finishing surface specialists

Annual process audits based on VDA 3.6 standards that guarantee a product based on European standards. Moreover, with “trading” samples checked by specialists in our Italian plant and serial products controlled by technicians in Asia who Silga is cooperating with.

The possibility to carry out goods in our Italian plant in case of unexpected logistic delays caused by air or sea transports, abrupt quantity increases of the market, Chinese New Year or unpredictable issues are all actions that are part of our Risk Management which distinguish us in the market.

Monitored logistic focused on deliveries and transport, in addition to our support 360° all along projects life.

Reliability in Far East! That’s our mission. Our cooperation with on site society guarantees project control and easier communication.

Specialists in surface finishings bringing added value to the final product. A big interest has been developed towards the possibility to realize semi-finished products, starting the production in cooperation with our Asian partners and completing the final steps like surface finishing in our Italian plant.

As conclusion customers are satisfied for giving that plus also on high technology products thanks to the completion of their product in Silga Italy and for having automotive products with the guarantee of a company with European standards and a double reliability thanks to our Risk Management.