Sliding contacts

Today, world of PCB’s has countless applications, and one of the most common is sliding contact.

We all have objects in our homes with this function: linear potentiometers
(just think of our washing machines or ovens), incremental potentiometers (such as the device that allows us to regulate air conditioning in our cars), and many other similar applications.

All these devices are based on one premise: they are sliding contacts between a mobile and a fixed conductor, and in this context, surface finishes play a fundamental role.

In this context, surface finishes play a key role. We often hear talk of durability, linearity and resistivity. All these conditions can only be achieved, at the maximum of their performance, if those who produce them have processes under control, high experience in electroplating and screen printing. In this context Silga fits perfectly, thanks to its undisputed experience in all surface finishes.

Silga is able to provide any type of finish, all made internally in Italy and with green processes. Possible finishes are : Hard Gold – ENIG – Carbon paste (conductive and resistive) – Electrolytic and chemical Nikel, also in mixed solutions. Our staff at the Tech Centre is able to follow the customer from the idea to the object.