Silga opens the doors to printed electronics

The new screen printing line for series production is now operative.

Thanks to a market oriented policy, Silga, has used all its experience to follow the needs of the market. In fact, a growing demand for electronic components, to replace mechanical ones, requires solutions that do not add weight to devices, guarantee production and use simplicity, maximise function integration and the quality/price ratio.

This is why the introduction of Printed Electronics technology has grown at Silga, as a natural evolution of its undisputed capabilities in the field of screen printing and flexible electronics.
Silga, always ready to invest in technology, has not delayed therefore, thanks to the skillsenclosed in its TechCentre, to implement a new line for mass production, for screen printing, suitable to meet the needs imposed by Printed Electronics.
Just some of the ADVANTAGES associated with the installation of this line are:

  • high printing accuracy that guarantees high quality products
  • high production capacity for increasingly competitive products
  • eco-sustainability of a completely green process
  • versatility of using different inks and substrates
  • processability of large formats
  • possibility of multilayer printing on flexible, rigid and semi-rigid substrates
  • possibility of using different cure methos depending on product requirements

The production chain is complete, from product development with our experts at the Tech Centre, to the production of prototypes and series volumes. Nothing is missing to develop your product, or to replace an existing one with a more performing one.
Silga can be your turnkey partner.