Silga for the automotive industry: a deep connection

Silga for the automotive industry: a deep connection

The automotive industry has always been at the center of innovation and research, especially in the electronics field, with continuous improvements and advancements, but more than ever now companies are asked to develop new solutions for the automotive sector, especially for electric and fuel cells driving systems.

Thanks to its know-how and to its technologies, Silga is able to provide lightweight, cutting edge and performing electronics for several fields of applications that can be mainly divided into three categories such as: powertrain, interiors and autonomous driving. Concrete examples can be the lighting, battery connections, thermal management systems, interfaces and Radar-LiDAR applications.

Going into details about the latest products developed by Silga for the automotive field there are Gigaflex, Flexible Heaters for sensorized connections of the battery cells and module connections to the BMS (Battery Management System). This FPC solution reduces all sorts of bulky wires, allowing the drastic reduction in dimensions of connecting systems. Silga’s Gigaflex can be customized and adapted to customers’ requests both in terms of shape, special features and integration of temperate and pressure sensors.

Silga has also developed highly performing Flexible Heaters, designed and produced either with traditional etching processes or in Printed Electronics; Flexible Heaters can have multiple purposes, as for instance for the maintenance and defrosting of the battery, warming of seats, rear mirrors, steering wheel, AdBlue tanks and for Lidars and Radars. Silga’s Flexible Heaters can be manufactured on several different substrates including fabric and use transparent or PTF (positive temperature coefficient) inks for heat self regulation.

Last but not least, Silga complies with all the standards determined by the IATF 16949 certification, the most important parameter in the automotive industry supply chain and assembly.

Reliability, cutting-edge solutions and extensive know-how reflect our commitment towards the revolution in the automotive industry that we are all witnessing and that is going to change the way we live mobility, with a more sustainable approach. And Silga is ready for it!