Let’s have a closer look at the materials and benefits of the Printed Electronics Made in Silga!

Let’s have a closer look at the materials and benefits of the Printed Electronics Made in Silga!

Touch screens, 3D electronics with complex shapes, design freedom, lightness, green processes: these are just some of the keywords of our time when talking about new electronics. As we are immersed in an era that constantly requires lighter and thinner elements, that must perform better and reproduce difficult electrical layouts with thin tracks but always keeping in mind the importance of sustainable processes, Printed Electronics made in Silga represents the best solutions as it embodies all of these new needs.

Printed Electronics offers a new perspective with the printing of functional inks (conductive, resistive and insulating) over different kinds of materials, including 3D shaped polymeric substrates for special types of applications that require the in-mold electronics (the co-mold of flex PCBs and plastic parts), reducing failures associated to switches and buttons. The simplification of the productive process when compared to traditional etching, makes Printed Electronics a more sustainable technology with a reduced use of materials.

Among the main benefits of the Printed Electronics there are above all:

  • Flexibility
  • Lightness
  • Productive chain simplification
  • More sustainable process
  • Higher level of integrations
  • Reduction of moving parts and wiring

Over the last years Silga Connect technology has been developing new applications using Printed Electronics, acquiring an increasing level of know-how. An example? Flexible Heaters realized on several substrates as fabric and with PTC inks, able to self regulate heat and ensure a constant and correct thermal management. Plus they can also be integrated with printed sensors for the monitoring of specific parameters. Flexible Heaters in Printed Electronics can be used for multiple purposes from medical devices, to seats and wearable accessories.

The path of innovation is full of opportunities and Silga is exploring them!

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