In the lighting market LED Lighting makes bounds ahead continuously in therms of always higher efficiency, lower costs and new systems always easier to assembly. Lighting, smart building, home automation, control and automation will meet at ILLUMINOTRONICA, from 9th to 11th October at the fair in Padova, to learn about new technologies, new applications and new scenarios.
ILLUMINOTRONICA is the Italian landmark event dedicated to the world of Solid State Lighting. A trade fair dedicated to lighting buyers and specialists wherein it’s possible to find systems and solutions for equipments and devices, components and electronics for Lighting.
SILGA S.p.A. will participate again this year presenting at its stand its solutions for LED Lighting applications, among these the PCB’s made by Insulate Metal Substrate (IMS technology) and all the others technolgies applicable to this kind of PCB, such as the technique for the insulation of the aluminium layer with an insulating thermal paste able to replace the layer of “SILK-PAD” as the interface between the circuit and the radiator.

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