Heaters and Printed Electronics: when flexibility meets innovation

The continuous search for solutions that guarantee high performances over time has led Silga to develop increasingly advanced technologies such as Flexible Heaters made with Printed Electronics. But let’s see in detail what it is.

Flexible Heaters, that distinguish themselves from other heaters for their ability to be flexible and adaptive to any type of surface, can have numerous fields of application in sectors such as automotive, lighting, white goods, medical and many more. Among their main functions we certainly can find the maintenance of performance and durability of electric batteries, defrosting and condensation reduction in different devices as well as improving the performance of everything that creates heat, to ensure greater comfort. Thermal management has therefore taken on improving purposes for different applications thanks to the enhancement of heater technologies such as flexible heaters with transparent inks that allow to apply completely invisible heating resistances. The advantages are obvious, for example in the new radar & lidar systems, devices increasingly equipped to the car navigation system already in design and production today.

Specifically, Silga, one of the most innovative italian players in the market, has developed an additional product category, which is Printed Electronics applied to Flexible heaters, already appreciated by companies that have chosen to introduce it in their fields of application and by all those who have had the opportunity to see it closely during the latest trade fairs.

Through the use of Printed Electronics, a technology with which Silga is already successfully present on the market, it is possible to realize Flexible Heaters with additive printing on polymer substrates, also through the use of PTC inks, even transparent ones, capable of self-regulation, in a safe, uniform and sustainable way. In fact, the use of Printed Electronics allows to produce less waste than the traditional subtraction etching and guarantees lower electrical consumptions.

Silga has always been committed to the development of new performing technologies whose added value is the wide customization capacity, to respond to the different specific needs of customers and to ensure efficient products.

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