Great solutions for high power with Silga – Connect technology

As part of the journey that will bring us to “The Battery Show” in Stuttgart, from 18 to 20 June 2024, today we will discover more about one the main technologies that you will se at our booth 4-G45.

One of the most relevant issues in electronic devices and in particular in power electronics is without any doubt the thermal management, with the essential need of dissipation of the heat generated by the transfer of electric current. This is especially the case of applications that require a great flow of current as in the industrial, automotive, charging and medical industries just to mention some of them.

How to manage it? Here in Silga we have developed IMS (insulated Metal Substrates) PCBs which include a metal substrate that can either be made of copper or aluminum to dissipate heat without using additional components for this purpose.

In order to effectively respond to the increasing demand of current flow to devices with different dimensions, Silga can design printed circuits copper tracks with a thickness that can reach up to 400µ, allowing a greater transfer of electric current, while the heat produced is then dissipated by the metal substrate.

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Visit us at booth 4-G45 at Messe Stuttgart from 18 to 20 June and have a closer look at all the innovations in the EV world that we will share with you.