Flexible Heaters, today’s hot item!

Heaters: controllo, protezione e funzionalità

Flexible heaters, rigid heaters, heaters or internationally speaking, heaters are a hot item!
Silga designs and produces heaters on a variety of materials, PET, PEN, PI, PP, IMS that serve industrial applications from automotive to appliances, lighting and beyond, with multinationals already successfully implementing projects with the Castelfidardo-based company.

Since more than three years, Silga’s temperature regulation tank heaters are on board in the German carmarket, representing a highly prestigious and productive achievement for Silga, which thus ranks among the most innovative Italian players.

With Silga’s heaters you can check the heating stage of what’s cold, a refrigerator or an air conditioner, preventing condensation or helping with defrosting.Improving the characteristics of a cooker hood or hob. Heating a state-of-the-art electric battery, maintaining ideal performance, increasing its life and effectiveness under extreme environmental conditions. Control the temperatures of tanks, passenger compartment, seats, steering wheel and numerous other solutions.

Designing and heating your application with Silga heaters means ensuring a benefit of service temperature control with customised precision, protecting against freezing, controlling viscosity, with rigid and especially flexible supports that improve the balance of power consumption and distributed heat.

“Heaters” is Silga’s product division available for co-design with any customer who wants to solve old hot-wire technologies with a cost&handling saving strategy and especially for “beyond” applications where heat can be a sensitive comfort and functional driver.

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