Electronica ’22 in Munich came to a close

Electronica 2022 came to a close in Munich

Electronica ’22 in Munich came to a close, where Silga took different forms but were united by the common denominator of technological innovation.

True to the roots of the past, which confirmed Silga as a leading European player in the production of rigid and flexible PCBs for old and new contacts on German ground, the Castelfidardo-based company attracted the world’s audience by revolutionising the substance of its technological approach to the fair.
No longer an exhibition just to be seen, but electronics to be interactive with: from capacitive touches in printed electronics, to flexible and stretchable heaters integrated in wearable objects and seats, to the customisation of giant flexible circuits, the GIGAFLEX, with component and sensor assemblies for the BMS (Battery Management System) and TMS (Thermal Management System) market, or better, advanced technologies for the development of E-mobility, and the seven-segment electroluminescence display printed in printed electronics, integrated with an external temperature detector, as well as solutions for the hydrogen world.
Each application had a space for interaction with the visitors who, intuitively captured by the usability of the electronic object, stopping on the application aspects related to potential ideas or business.
All this with the support of the Silga team who came up to Bavaria to witness Silga’s turn towards a new form of electronics integrating new areas of development in the automotive sector, with heated seats, in batteries with heaters and connecting circuits, in household appliances with ‘In Mold Electronics’ where Silga’s Electronics take 3D forms and lead to last-generation solutions.
But while Silga’s entire exhibition space in Munich was packed with electronic objects and applications, it was the continuous presence of engineers, buyers, and managers that distinguished the quality of Electronica 2022 in which to invest for the future, a technical, commercial, and production driving force present and immediate for all of Silga.