Double side PTH pcb’s

In this type of printed circuit boards, used practically in all fields of electronics, the two sides are electrically interconnected by through plated holes which, in addition to carry out the connection function, can also be used for the insertion of components (PIH).

The base laminate is usually FR-4, in the different Tg values, starting from the standard value of 130 ° C, up to 150 or 170-180 ° C; the CEM-3 represents an effective alternative laminate for some applications.

Two fabrication technologies are normally used, both available in Silga: the pattern plating and the full panel plating; given that they are additive processes, the copper starting thickness is less than the required final thickness.

The solder mask is usually a photoimageable type and many PTF technology (Polymer Thick Film) applications are also possible.

The PTH printed circuit boards are compatible with practically all the surface finishings, either the copper passivation (OSP), the chemical tin, the silver chemical, the chemical Gold Nickel and the HASL, both standard (SnPb) and lead-free.