Double side PTH PCBs

Thanks to the unique versatility, this type of printed circuit boards can be employed in many industries such as automotive, computer and peripherals (e.g. printers), telecommunications, measuring devices and consumer electronics. The special features offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of design and a high level of creative freedom.

The starting laminates are constituted by ED or RA type copper applied on a film of flexible polymer dielectric material of a different nature, such as polyester (PET or PEN), Polyimide (Kapton), etc..

The polymeric film and the various adhesive formulations give to the material different physical and chemical properties and consequently the printed circuit board may be used in operating conditions more or less demanding.

The flexible printed circuits can be double sided with plated through holes, produced by a manufacturing process similar to the one of PTH rigid printed circuit boards, with the necessary variations and adjustments.

As insulation coating it is possible to use either the soldermask and the coverlay film, applied by hot pressing.

Depending on the base material, the flexible printed circuits can also be subjected to soldering processes. The PEN allows soldering with standard alloy (SnPb), while the printed circuits boards based on polyimide (Kapton) may also withstand the lead-free soldering.

The surface finishings can be passivated copper (OSP), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, ENIG, etc..; Silga also has an extensive experience in the realization of flexible printed circuits with electrolytic nickel gold area intended to electrical contacting fucntion.

For flexible materials used for Double-side PTH products, UL omologation is in progress.