Easy connection with Silga’s dual access copper

Easy connection with Silga’s dual access copper

For any issue, a solution. These few words vividly represent Silga’s commitment towards the satisfaction of our partners’ requests and it’s right with this attitude that our TSC (Technological Study Center) has developed the dual access copper connection for flexible printed circuits.

This kind of connection represents a cutting-edge technique for the realization of single- sided FPCs which need connection on both sides or when there is a limited space. Thanks to the dual access copper it’s possible to directly connect the single-sided FPC tracks.

Furthermore, thanks to the exposed double copper technique developed by Silga, it’s also possible to avoid the use of nickel tabs which require welding. Indeed, the dual access copper connection guarantees a direct contact and consequently a greater strength due to the fact that no additional welding is required. This is a relevant aspect to be considered as it’s strictly linked to the stress generated by the dimensional variations caused by the welding.

The dual access copper ensures easiness of connection and stability thanks to its thicker layer of copper. In addition, according to customer requirements in terms of materials used in busbars in the case of Gigaflex, Silga’s FPCs for the sensorized connection of the battery cells in e-vehicles, and the type of welding applied, Silga offers different types of coating of copper tabs, from passivation to nickel or other materials to facilitate connection and maintain excellent performances and resistance.

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