Customers satisfaction: our main goal!

Customers satisfaction: our main goal!

Since the very beginning of our history, Silga has set as its primary goal the satisfaction of customers. To achieve it, Silga integrates additional services to the continuous technological development, the design customization and the production of performing solutions. Let’s see them!

Firstly, Silga is able to provide a service of prototyping, produced in synergy with specially selected partners, under the complete supervision of Silga over technical and productivity aspects, also by performing checks before their shipment to customers.

Furthermore, to provide a turn-key service, Silga has also established partnerships with assembly firms; in this way, customers can receive printed circuits produced by Silga with components already assembled. Among the other additional services that Silga can offer to our customers there are buffer stock and quick service: in particular this last one refers to the opportunity for clients to have samples and small batch production produced in 5-10 days, by using a managerial system, that can quickly check the material availability and the productions load, allowing customers to have a rapid delivery of samples and small production quantities.

In addition to all of the above there is also our trading management, as the result of the collaboration with Asian partner companies that share European standards of quality and great productive capacity. Silga can ensure total reliability and overall control during all the steps of the development and production, while getting all the benefits of the short supply chain: top levels of safety, efficiency and competitiveness.

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