Features and benefits of the PTC inks

Features and benefits of the PTC inks

Today let’s have a closer look at PTC inks, where PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient. This new kind of inks that are specifically designed for cutting-edge heating applications Printed Electronics and that Silga uses for its Flexible Heaters, ensures safe and efficient results, with a wide range of applications, from automotive, to medical and white goods.

Going further, PTC inks are made of resistive inks, able to perform self-regulation: when the electrical resistance increases, so does the temperature, while the electrical current decreases, until finding a balance that maintains constant the heating power. This process makes PTC inks suitable for multiple purposes and application fields, going from side mirrors, defoggers, wearable devices and so on.

Talking about the benefits linked to the use of PTC inks on Flexible Heaters in Printed Electronics, there are:

  • Safety and Comfort: since the temperature is maintained constant and it regulates itself, there are lower risks of hot spots and a more uniform heating is achieved, leading also to a longer life of the product;
  • Energy Saving: PTC inks adjust the resistive coefficient according to temperature and create a balance, so that the electrical energy that passes through is maintained constant and does not lead to an over consumption;
  • Flexibility and Lightweight: PTC inks can be applied on several different types of substrates.

Silga has implemented this new technology on its Printed Electronics Flexible Heaters to provide an efficient, safe and sustainable solution for the TMS (Thermal Management System) on different fields and continues in the constant research of new technologies that can enhance the features of our products.

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