Discover Silga’s wide range of surface finishings

Discover Silga’s wide range of surface finishings

From its foundation in 1969, Silga has developed an advanced experience in the fields of galvanic treatments and printed circuit boards, thanks to its two business units and the common know-how that enriches the company with a unique advantage in the market. The expertise of both divisions makes Silga the best partner for your business offering a wide selection of surface finishing for printed circuits. Let’s see in detail some of Silga’s surface finishings.

The first finishing we are going to talk about is the passivated copper, which refers to the covering of copper with particular organic substances, to protect it and to make it resistant to multiple soldering cycles, also lead-free type. This finishing is also the least chemically and thermally aggressive towards the PCB and can also be worked again.

Then, Silga also offers the opportunity to apply gold-nickel finishings to ensure top levels of protection. Silga’s gold-nickel finishings can be divided into two types: electroless gold nickel and electrolytic gold nickel. The first one consists of two layers deposited by a chemical process, one of nickel and the other of gold. This finishing can withstand multiple soldering cycles and it is easy to solder. On the other hand, electrolytic gold nickel finishing is used after the solder mask to protect contacting elements, such as sliding contacts. The deposits in this case are achieved through an electrolytic process.

Furthermore, Silga can also apply immersion and electrolytic tin, which are respectively the chemical and electrolytic deposition of a layer of tin with variable thickness, also lead free, to increase the level of solderability and overall product resistance. Other finishings include lead-free hot air solder levelling, immersion copper and also mixed finishings to be applied on the same PCB.

Last but not least, Silga is always in the frontline when it comes to customization and co-design; indeed, we can offer our clients special finishings, exclusively created to meet all their needs and requirements for particular applications.

We will further explore all of them together. In the meantime, make sure to follow us also on Linkedin to learn more about Silga and its news.