IMS: full potential on!

Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS) play a pivotal role in the production of substrates for power electronics. Silga IMS PCBs present excellent thermal conductivity properties, high mechanical strength even on thin layers and improved electrical performances, a full set of features to be used in several different areas of application from automotive to industrial, medical, power supply and lighting among the others.

Silga’s hi-tech IMS technology allows the efficient dissipation of heat in devices that can easily reach high temperatures, compromising their full functionality and life duration, while avoiding the need to assemble further mechanical heat sinks. Silga can offer, according to the technical specification and partners’ requests, printed circuit boards with copper or aluminium support (up to 400µ of copper foil thickness for high current devices) that can be single side, double side and also have a flex-rigid shape for further flexibility.

LED technology, electrical charging points, power electronics are just examples of IMS PCBs application areas but the potential in all the other areas where thermal management capabilities are required is extremely high and full of promising opportunities.

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