Silga’s solutions for batteries: GIGAFLEX

Silga’s solutions for batteries: GIGAFLEX

Silga, with over 50 years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, has always been developing new technologies and products that guarantee high performance over time in various sectors such as the automotive industry. To meet the growing demand for innovative solutions in this field, Silga has undertaken the development and production of advanced applications, such as GIGAFLEX, specifically aimed at the electrification of the automotive sector, known as e-mobility.

The solutions studied by Silga provide flexible circuits for sensorized battery cells connections, with pressure, temperature, humidity and charge status sensors, as well as modules connection systems to the BMS, the beating heart of the battery. In this way, it is possible to substantially resize the battery connection systems, reducing the wiring to zero and ensuring excellent connection performances.

Silga also offers extensive customization possibilities based on customers’ needs, adapting its GIGAFLEX to different shapes and levels of integration, with flexible circuits that can exceed one meter in length and provide double access copper, which allows to avoid the use of nickel lamellae and the related difficulties during welding. Potting and conformal coating treatments can also be applied to battery solutions.

The world of green mobility is advancing rapidly and Silga proposes itself as a market leader with cutting-edge solutions, able to transfer both power and sensor data, responding to the different requests for customization.

To find out more about our e-mobility solutions visit our stand at “The Battery Show” in Stuttgart from 23rd to 25th May!