Silga’s assets in PTF technology

Silga’s assets in PTF technology

Over the years, Silga has continuously been working on developing and improving its experience in technologies such as the screen printing of high definition functional inks and in new ones such as Printed Electronics. This includes the research for new solutions for thickness definition and optimization. In this context understanding what is PTF (Polymer Thick Film) plays a relevant role.

PTF refers to the technology used to apply polymeric material inks on printed circuit boards, with rigid or flexible substrates. These inks can have different functions and be either conductive, resistive or dielectric, according to the materials used. They may also be used for the creation of fixed or sliding contact elements, insulated layers and many other applications, thanks to their versatility.

Among the most used PTF inks by Silga there are silver, copper and carbon. Silver based pastes perform a conductive function and can be used to create multiple layers on the same side of the PCB. On the other hand, copper based pastes offer conductivity but differ from silver for its capability of offering protection from electromagnetic interferences for the printed circuits. Finally, carbon/graphite based inks can originate two different products: conductive elements (for contacts and jumpers) and resistive ones.

In particular Silga is specialized in the screen printed resistors application with resistors that can have different ohmic values, according to customers’ needs, also thanks to the laser trimming technology present in-house.

Silga is committed in providing the best service to our clients and to do so constant research and development of new performing technologies are core elements of our essence.