Discover Silga’s Flexible Heaters, your ally in the automotive world!

Discover Silga’s Flexible Heaters, your ally in the automotive world!

How to provide today more comfort and efficiency in vehicles, especially in electric ones? During the last years Silga has been developing and producing innovative solutions for the automotive industry and in particular Flexible Heaters, ideal to guarantee ultimate comfort for the driver and the passengers, but also to ensure improved performances for the whole vehicle.

Silga’s Flexible Heaters, made on different materials and either using traditional etching technology or Printed Electronics with conductive, dielectric and resistive inks or PTC inks (for heat self-regulation), which offer a greater energy saving, can be used for multiple purposes in different areas of a vehicle.

Let’s start from the beating heart that makes everything possible: the battery. Here, Flexible Heaters can be used to ensure optimal thermal management and preserve the battery performances, while extending its lifetime; in this way, even during winter or in locations with extreme weather conditions, vehicles’ batteries will always be perfectly ready to bring you everywhere. Silga also develops and manufactures Flexible Heaters that can be applied on the AdBlue tanks to maintain the operative temperature required to work.

We can then continue with rear and side-mirrors: in this case, Flexible Heaters work by defrosting and eliminating any sort of condensation or water drop, allowing an alway perfectly clear view, all the time and everywhere. Similarly, Flexible Heaters, and in particular transparent Flexible Heaters can also find application in Radar&LiDAR systems; indeed, they can be located on the sensor’s cameras and work to prevent freezing and water drops that might compromise their functioning.

Last but not least, Flexible Heaters can also be used on the cockpit of the vehicles, such as in the seats, in the steering-wheel and in general in all the interiors, to provide a diffuse heat, that in the case of electric vehicles cannot be self-generated by the engine. In this particular case, Silga is able to offer Flexible Heaters made on fabric, to allow a more efficient integration between the vehicle and the heating elements.

Flexible Heaters are acquiring a more and more relevant role in the market thanks to their extensive possible applications and ways of production, an essential asset in many areas. For this reason Silga is continuously studying and developing new innovative solutions that can guarantee improved efficiency and comfort, while taking care of the environment.