Special finishings with Silga Connect technology

Special finishings with Silga Connect technology web

With 55 years of experience in the field of electronics and surface treatments, Silga has stored an extremely valuable and high level of know-how in the development and production of printed circuit boards with surface treatment performed internally. The synergy between Silga’s two souls, the electronic and the galvanic one, is one of our main distinctive pluses since we can combine our expertise in the customization of electronics solutions for all applications and a wide variety of surface treatments from copper passivation, hot air levelling, electrolytic and electroless gold to immersion silver and tin.

But Silga has gone further by developing new exclusive finishings thanks to our Technological Study Center (TSC). In this way we manage to satisfy our partners special requests and develop innovative surface treatments to be used for different purposes in the safest way.

Silga combines a wide range of finishings with distinctive features to offer complete and out of the box customized solutions for several applications. Know-how from experience, customization and constant research make Silga able to develop innovation at all levels.

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