Silga Connect batteries and more!

Silga was founded as a company in 1969 in the world of printed circuit board manufacturing. This industry segment, which has experienced an out-of-control migration to China in recent decades, like the entire electronics environment, is experiencing the longest period of supply crisis for Western industry impoverished of components lack and timely technological responses.

But Silga has gone against the barrage: it has not dropped either production or technical expertise to attack new and ambitious frontiers in the world of flexible and rigid circuitry.

Evidence of this is the recent design of circuit applications for the automotive sector in e-mobility, such as smart solutions for sensorized connections of battery cells as well as module connection systems to the main connector.

The application, which can be customized to the customer’s needs, is based on flexible “Made in Silga” circuits designed to be adapted to any shape and level of integration, capable of transferring both power and sensor data such as temperature, state of charge and residual power to electronic management in order to create a complete flexible battery pack harness.

Among its goals, the product aims to cut down battery storage connection time, solve issues of assembly mechanics and contact degradation, as well as make data access to electronics efficient.

That’s why Silga’s roots from 1969 are still grafting in fertile soil to propose itself along the new track of electrification and eco-sustainability through “Made in Italy” research and production.